CBSE PSA Sample Papers Class XI (Qualitative Reasoning) - 2013

Problem Solving Assessment Sample Papers : 2012-13

Section - B (Qualitative Reasoning)
CLASS - 11th

(Questions 25-30) Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow:

I spent some time gazing at ‘David’ inside the Galleria dell’Accademia. It is sculpted from a single block of stone and the grain of the marble so perfectly mimics human flesh that you can almost see the blue veins beneath the statue's ‘skin’. Even though the line-up to get in had been quite long, it was worth the wait. The viewer’s feelings about the treasure are not diminished by having seen pictures of it in advance. Photos really can't do the work justice.

Q.25 What knowledge does the reader need to have in order to understand the comment about ‘the viewer’s feelings’?
1) The statue is of a human.
2) Michelangelo was the sculptor.
3) The statue is considered a masterpiece.
4) The Galleria dell’Accademia is in Florence, Italy

Q 26. Which of these sentences would be an accurate summary of the passage?
1) 1 ‘David’ draws large crowds.
2) 2 ‘David’ deserves its reputation.
3) 3 ‘David’ was sculpted from one piece of marble.
4) 4 ‘David’ is on display at the Galleria dell’ Accademia.

Q. 27 The writer describes ‘David’ in this passage by
1) mentioning the pictures he has seen of it.
2) describing the way it is displayed in the gallery.
3) focusing on a detail in order to convey an image.
4) commenting on the time he spent gazing at the statue.

Q 28 The second sentence shows that the writer appreciates
1) the tools used by the sculptor.
2) the sculptor’s ability to plan ahead.
3) the human body as the inspiration for great art.
4) the opportunity to view pictures of the sculpture in advance.

Q 29. Which aspect of art does the writer value in this passage?
1) realism
2) repetition
3) abstraction
4) symbolism

Q 30. The final sentence expresses an opinion that is most similar to which of the following statements?
1) Justice is blind.
2) Seeing is believing.
3) Believe half of what you see.
4) Original is better than restored.

(Questions 31 to 36)Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow:
"Aunt Betsey, there's going to be a new Declaration of Independence."
"Bless and save us, what do you mean, child?" And the startled old lady precipitated a pie into the oven with destructive haste. "I mean that, being of age, I'm going to take care of myself, and not be a burden any longer. Uncle wishes me out of the way; thinks I ought to go, and, sooner or later, will tell me so. I don't intend to wait for that, but, like the people in fairy tales, travel away into the world and seek my fortune. I know I can find it."

Christie emphasized her speech by energetic demonstrations in the bread-trough, kneading the dough as if it was her destiny, and she was shaping it to suit herself; while Aunt Betsey stood listening, with uplifted pie-fork, and as much astonishment as her placid face was capable of expressing. As the girl paused, with a decided thump, the old lady exclaimed: "What crazy idee you got into your head now?"

Q.31 Christie’s reference to ‘a new Declaration of Independence’ is a reference to
1) Uncle’s plans to force Christie to leave home.
2) Christie’s desire to be in control of her own future.
3) an upcoming change in the nation’s political structures.
4) Christie’s frustration with Aunt Betsey’s expectations of obedience.

Q.32 Aunt Betsey’s initial reaction to Christie’s announcement is best described as
1) angry.
2) curious.
3) surprised.
4) concerned.

Q.33 How does Christie regard fairy tales?
1) They provide positive inspiration.
2) They are a source of entertainment.
3) They contain important moral lessons.
4) They present an unrealistic view of the world.

Q.34 The manner in which Christie kneaded the bread emphasised her
1) resolve.
2) impatience.
3) excitement.
4) resentment.

Q 35 Judging from the passage as a whole, Aunt Betsey’s temperament can be described as being generally
1) calm.
2) stern.
3) nervous.
4) depressed.

Q 36 Which of these words best reflects the meaning of the word ‘decided’ as used in the second to last sentence?
1) final
2) precise
3) focussed
4) deliberate

Q.37 Pari tells her friends that she likes French films.
Which of these would best justify her statement?
1) She has seen the same French film in four different cinemas.
2) She has seen four different French films in the same cinema.
3) She has seen four French romance films in four different cinemas.
4) She has seen four different French films with the same leading actress

Q.38 Consider the relationship between the following words: police officer : badge
Which of these word pairs expresses this same relationship?
1) cap : nurse
2) general: stars
3) doctor: syringe
4) fire fighter: hose

Portugal’s people

Portugal has a population of about 10 million. The population density is greatest in Lisbon the capital, and its suburbs, where about 1.9 million people live. The second largest city in Portugal is Oporto in the north. Generally speaking, there are more people living in the country’s coastal regions than in the inland areas.

Q.39 Which of the following graphics would help to clarify the information in this passage?
1) diagrams of Portugese regions
2) photographs of the cities and people
3) a map of Europe with Portugal highlighted
4) a pie graph of resident numbers in towns and cities

Q.40 Most people are about as happy as they make their minds up to be.”
This quotation says that happiness is
1) not able to be accurately measured.
2) a difficult decision for some people.
3) a result of conscious intellectual effort.
4) determined by attitude, not circumstances

Q.41 The statement ‘An engine is a part of a car.’ can be expressed as engine : car.
Which of these word pairs expresses this same relationship?
1) building : balcony
2) artefact : museum
3) geography : mountain
4) competition : competitor

Q.42 Lateral thinking occurs when someone comes up with an unusual way of solving a problem. Raj needs a wrinkle free shirt for an important job interview.
Which of these is an example of Raj using lateral thinking?
1) Wear a T-shirt.
2) Use his cold, broken, iron.
3) Heat a frying pan and use it as an iron.
4) Put the shirt on and stretch it with his hands.


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